Message from the CEO

“M-FiTEC understands the Financial Technology (“FinTech”) space.

We understand that FinTech companies work in areas that in most cases deal with people’s money and so face ongoing scrutiny from financial institutions, financial authorities and strict regulations that need to be understood and complied with.

Security at all levels, confidentiality of information and software design that is robust and can grow to enormous transaction levels are all essential elements of a FinTech organisation.

M-FiTEC further understands entrepreneurs and software developers and the need to capture these individuals’ innovation, sense of freedom and lack of traditional corporate red-tape and keep them motivated.

M-FiTEC has a strong underlying pursuit to change the world to make it a better place and drive the need to bring financial services to all, making their lives easier.

Traditional banking business models did not work for all, however the digital age and growth of the mobile phone has changed this and brings an exciting FinTech industry with new innovative, cost effective workable business models.  

M-FiTEC further understand the importance of good governance and good accounting and financial disciplines that will continue to drive the group to standards that are of the highest levels.

An M-FiTEC group company will carry a stamp of approval so that we are proud of our product offerings and the high standards we adhere to.”